Ranikhet History

Ranikhet Primary School opened in November 1970. It was built on land which was previously used as a farm, a golf course, allotments and an army training depot.

The Royal Berkshire Regiment was based at the training depot during and after World War 2 and the depot was named 'Ranikhet Camp' after the hill station in India near the Tibetan border. The regiment had been garrisoned there in the 1920's.

Ranikhet translates as 'Queen's field'.

The school logo of a dragon comes from the cap badge of the Royal Berkshire Regiment. Queen Victoria awarded the Regiment the honour of the emblem in recognition of distinguished services during the Opium wars of the nineteenth centuries.

In November 2015 Ranikhet School became Ranikhet Academy, part of the REach2 family of schools.

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