Highlights from Nursery

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25th May 2022

Our topic of Minibeasts kicked off with a number of bugs taking up residence in our classroom! From spiders to snails, ants to worms, and caterpillar and moth cocoons – our classroom has been transformed into a minibeast zoo!

We have been so lucky to watch the metamorphosis of caterpillars into butterflies. The children have enjoyed observing and caring for our menagerie of bugs. They have searched enthusiastically in our Nursery garden for minibeasts and created a Sensory Garden with the kind donations of plants and soil from our parents, as a natural habitat for our minibeast friends. They have found so many which they love to share with each other and their teachers.

Our Literacy has been full of creepy crawly stories such at The Very Hungry Caterpillar, The Very Busy Spider, Are you a Snail and Superworm. We have also been researching non-fiction books to find out more about them. The children have created story maps to retell the story of the caterpillar and made beautiful sparkly spider webs with paint and glitter, and a pom-pom spider to retell the story of the very busy spider.

The children have also listened to the story, The Queen’s Knickers, in celebration of the Queen’s Jubilee this year and designed their own patterns for a pair of knickers for the Queen. On the last day of term, the children dressed up in the colours of our National flag red, blue and white and enjoyed games and a picnic tea.

In Maths, the children have been working on Numerical Patterns and Measurement. They have been learning to subitise a group of objects. They have been measuring each other to see who is the tallest and shortest in the class, and building tall and short towers. They have also been looking at length, using our soft toy snakes to compare sizes and tell which is short and which is long.