Year 1 Highlights

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18th Feb 2022

This term in English we have been looking at instructions and descriptive writing.

For instruction writing the children made a jam sandwich and then needed to think about the steps that they had used to write instructions so that other children would know how to make one!

We are currently learning how to write a description; we have been thinking about the beach and how we use our senses. The children have explored surprise boxes to see if they can talk to each other about what they have felt, they have also tasted ice cream. The children did a fantastic job at coming up with different adjectives.

In science this term the children have been exploring plants and learning how to identify different plants at home and in the wild. The children have wowed me in their knowledge of the life cycle of a plant. The children have planted and have been looking after their seeds whilst learning about all the things a seed needs to grow.

Year 1 have started to learn Spanish this term and the children become very excited when it is Spanish time. The children have learnt to count to 10 in Spanish, they have learnt the colours of the rainbow as well as the months of the year.

In Art, Year 1 have become experts on the artist Kandinsky, the children have learnt about his style. The children have explored colour mixing and are beginning to make some fantastic pieces of art including experimenting with concentric shapes.