We are delighted to announce that Ranikhet Academy has been rated as Good by Ofsted in it’s most recent inspection on 12th & 13th May 2021.

Ofsted’s inspectors noted that Ranikhet Academy is a friendly and nurturing school where pupils are kind to each other, and where leaders and staff know every pupil’s individual needs and interests very well. This helps to keep pupils happy, safe, and learning well.

Pupils are polite and well behaved, while bullying is rare and children know that any incidents will be quickly and fairly sorted. Attendance has significantly improved at the school, in large part due to the fact that pupils enjoy learning and actively like coming to school. They focus well on their lessons and are well supported by teachers throughout their learning.

Leaders take great care to prioritise pupils’ personal development as well as their intellectual learning. Pupils appreciate learning about how to keep themselves and their friends safe in the local community, and have their emotional and mental wellbeing well protected. They have a wide range of extra-curricular activities to enjoy and to ensure they develop their own skills and interests outside of the classroom.

Everyone at the school has high ambitions for their pupils, which results in strong results in reading and maths in particular. Leaders have a strategic and reflective approach to improving every aspect of the school, and can be confident that they have a secure foundation in place on which to build for the future. Teachers know that some pupils have gaps in their learning, and have effective plans to identify and fill in these gaps, to ensure that pupils’ learning is far stronger than it has been previously.

The inspectors also highlighted the support of the REAch2 Academy Trust, which has played a key role in challenging the head of school as well as other school leaders. The Trust has ensured that the school’s curriculum provides a strong framework for teaching, that school staff have the training they need to support each pupil to access the curriculum, and has provided external support for pupils with additional learning needs.

Please find below our most recent Ofsted reports, and relevant information from the Department for Education Performance Tables.

Ofsted Report - May 2021

Ofsted Remote Monitoring Report - February 2021

Ofsted Monitoring Report - November 2020

HMI Monitoring Report - March 2020

HMI Monitoring Report - September 2019

HMI Monitoring Report - April 2019

Ofsted Report - December 2018

Department for Education - School Performance Data

Latest Tweets

Yet another session for our Y6 pupils using the platform! Independent, engaging learning at it’s absolute finest 👍🏻 https://t.co/VKZurwRCRI
@RanikhetAcademy - November 26
During out outdoor learning session we made our own bird feeders and carefully attached them to our tree. We can't wait to see which birds will be feasting on the tasty treats. https://t.co/gXuAMvrvMi
@RanikhetAcademy - November 25
Thank you to in Calcot for your generous donation towards our Winter Fayre! It’s incredibly kind of you and we appreciate the support. Remember, the fayre is on the 15th of December! 🎄❄️ https://t.co/HNeFHnP4Ut
@RanikhetAcademy - November 25
Making tipis learning about the Mesolithic period https://t.co/wa10CcjeQW
@RanikhetAcademy - November 25
Our ‘good’ banner is up and on display outside the school gate 🙌🏻 https://t.co/NgUWxnitLL
@RanikhetAcademy - November 25
These absolute superstars from Nurture group have used adjectives so successfully in their writing that they deserve to be tweeted for it ⭐️ Well done 👍🏻 https://t.co/zZZQCmyRCf
@RanikhetAcademy - November 25
👀 Look at this fabulous realistic art drawing from one of our Year 6 students! Using tone and accurate detail. Wow! ⭐️ https://t.co/ARceB90dvs
@RanikhetAcademy - November 24
Good morning to all our children, families and staff! We hope you all had a great weekend and are ready for an exciting week ahead, filled with lots of learning opportunities and chances to show our best versions 😀
@RanikhetAcademy - November 22
@RanikhetAcademy - November 19
Our first set of winners of the kits donated by 🔵⚪️ These pupils have demonstrated behaviours above and beyond our expectations- well done 👍🏻 The next set of winners will be announced in 2 weeks. 👀 this space! https://t.co/cHfoObSDqi
@RanikhetAcademy - November 19
will you come across any?!
@RanikhetAcademy - November 18
keep your eyes peeled!
@RanikhetAcademy - November 18
Nursery has been busy creating their kindness rocks for 10 Good Deeds week. I wonder who will find them? https://t.co/hYPdrZXAey
@RanikhetAcademy - November 18
A taster of our learning in year 3 today. Arrays in Maths and the Palaeolithic period in History https://t.co/38NSS4Y6SS
@RanikhetAcademy - November 18
Year 6 parents & carers: please check your inboxes today for an important letter 📧 https://t.co/RnLJ8vqNWa
@RanikhetAcademy - November 18
This incredible young man has just written a story, completely independently, using some excellent imaginative and descriptive language. As a result, he has earned a ‘ready, respectful, safe’ wristband. Well done- your school is very proud of you 👏🏻 https://t.co/mwgHc3VEwR
@RanikhetAcademy - November 18
Great to have had a conversation with from earlier this week. We look forward to working with you in the coming weeks and months! 🥐 🍎
@RanikhetAcademy - November 18
Year 5 & 6 Reading FC Kicks session. https://t.co/DB5J7Nmmiu
@RanikhetAcademy - November 18
Year 6 enjoyed practicing maths by exploring one of the SchoolOnline courses! https://t.co/7Z0Jti3dhN
@RanikhetAcademy - November 17
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