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Welcome to our Admissions page, below you will be able to find a number of admissions forms tailored to three age categories - Nursery, Reception and Years 1-6. Please complete the relevant form for your child, and note all our School places except for Nursery are allocated via the Reading Borough Council School Admissions Team.

To begin this process for pupils between the age of Reception - Year 6 you will therefore need to make contact with the Council first, please click here for their details and other referencing required.

Nursery Admissions Form We currently offer 15 hour/week places, consisting of three-hour sessions over 5 days of the week (morning or afternoon), as well as 30 hour/week places, dependent on meeting the 30-hour funding eligibility criteria (for further details please click here).

If you wish for your child to join our Nursery, we ask that you please complete the admissions form as linked above in full, and once received this will automatically be issued a number on our waiting list. You are more than welcome to send us an application before they turn 3, but please bear in mind you may not hear from the Early Years Team until closer to their 3rd birthday, for a more in-depth assessment call. The Early Years Team are notified of application details on a weekly basis, and will ensure contact is made with you to arrange a one to one assessment at an appropriate time (this is likely to be carried out over the phone at present due to Covid-19 related restrictions). Start dates are issued as and when agreed with the parent throughout the year.

Reception Admissions FormFollowing a successful allocation from the Council for your child to start in Reception with us, please see the above link to our Reception admissions form. As part of your child's enrolment into Reception you will receive contact from our Early Years Team, outlining some key information on school life at Ranikhet as well as some helpful visual aids, including our new Reception brochure.

School Age (Years 1 - 6) In-Year Admissions FormFollowing a successful allocation from the Council for your child to enroll at Ranikhet, please see the above link to our in-year admissions form (applicable for Years 1 - 6). Once submitted to the School, we will be able to input and assess your child's data, checking any other background details/previous schooling history alongside this. After all checks are completed, and a tour has been carried out, you can expect to hear from us with a proposed start date in due course.

Admissions Policy

Admissions Policy 2023-24

Admissions Policy 2024-25

Admissions Policy 2025-26

School Tours

Appointments to see our school are arranged via the front office team following receipt of your allocation from the Council. You can expect to receive this via e-mail invitation along with an admissions form shortly after we are notified. Our tours will enable you and your child to get a feel for the school as a whole, as well as seeing their classroom/key stage area, and having the opportunity to discuss any other details you wish with our Head of School. If you are in the process of identifying a list of preferable schools, we are able to facilitate tours without having previously received an allocation, so please do e-mail us at [email protected] if this is something you are interested in.

ID Checks

All pupils joining the school from Nursery - Year 6 will require a mandatory ID check as part of the admissions process. The most key documents of which being their birth certificate and passport. If you have any other documents such as a Visa or an ID card, we'd also be grateful to take a copy of these in addition to the first two.


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