Highlights from Year 6

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20th Dec 2021

It has been an incredibly busy term for Year 6! In maths, we have learnt about fractions, decimals and percentages. Well done to all of the children – they have shown resilience and determination and made fantastic progress. All Year 6 children now have access to SchoolOnline, which is a fantastic website that enables them to practice and has informative videos to revise. Please ask if they need a reminder of their log in details. In writing, we have written a balanced argument and instructions of how to survive school!

In science, we have learnt all about our bodies and what certain organs do. We have learnt how nutrients, including oxygen from our lungs, are carried in our blood, which is pumped by the heart. In history, we have studied the Victorians. We have compared our school and life to that of a Victorian child and learnt about Dr. Barnardo who helped children by providing free education. This half term, everyone discussed Black History Month. Year 6 researched Michelle Obama and learnt about the work she has done to support young people in America.

I am extremely proud of how the children represented Ranikhet Academy whilst swimming and the progress they made over the course of their lessons. I know that the children loved going and the swimming instructors loved having them! Well done Year 6!

Year 6 have also had lots of special activities and days this half term! We took part in the 10 good deeds week. Year 6 walked around the local community litter picking. We collected many bags of rubbish and enjoyed helping the community. Mr H. has been working with a group of Year 6 children. They have earnt a PlayMaker award, where they learnt about teamwork and leadership. These children passed with outstanding contributions and are good role models outside on the playground.

Thank you for your ongoing support. It has been great to speak to lots of you before and after school each day. Please feel free to speak to me or you can email year6@ranikhetacademy.co.uk if you have any questions.