Highlights from Nursery

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28th Mar 2022
This term's topic was 'On the Farm', looking at why farms are important, what type of farms there are and what you will find on farms.

We also received 10 chicken eggs from Mother Hen at Barn End Farm asking that we look after her clutch of eggs. The children have been able to watch the hatching process and have taken responsibility for caring and looking after our tiny chicks to ensure their well-being and safety.

The arrival of the chicks has created a lot of discussion and introduced exciting vocabulary by the children. They’ve used words such as: soft, fluffy, yellow, brown, stripy, little, small, tiny, pointy beaks, sharp claws and sleepy to describe the chicks, and have learned new vocabulary such as: hatch, incubator, brood, clutch and egg tooth.

They have used their maths skills to count:

  • the total number of eggs delivered = 10
  • the total number of chicks = 9
  • the number of female chicks = 7
  • the number of male chicks = 2