Highlights from Reception

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23rd May 2022

This term we have been busy exploring our topic ‘Under the Sea’. The children have used fiction and non-fiction books to support their learning on this topic. We were fascinated to find out and write facts about sharks, with the Whale shark being on our favourite!

The Lighthouse Keep’s Lunch story by David Armitage has developed the children’s knowledge around the seaside. We have discussed the setting of the story and compared it to our local area, talking about the similarities and differences. The children have explored some new vocabulary from this story and have been using this during discussion time.

Conversation about what we can see from our house.

“I can see lots of cars outside of my window and I can see my garden” - Ismail

“I can see a house with a top floor and a car park at the bottom” - Lenae

“I can see our school from my window” - Emilia

“My house is near the petrol station” - Yousef

In maths we have been recapping our number bonds to 5 and 10 and then moved on to adding two quantities and displaying this using a tens frame. We have been writing our number sentences and talking about it using first, then and now.

As part of our continuous provision, children have been investigating ways to melt the jelly ice block. The children talked about the ice being a hard solid and said that the heat and sun will help it to melt. The children used a variety of tools to cut the ice and talked about how it felt slippery and wet. It certainly did not take long to melt and resulted in ‘slushy red water’. It smelt of strawberries and was great fun!

The children have produced some spectacular ‘under the sea’ models using recyclable materials.

In PSHE the children have been talking about who they can speak to if they have a problem or are feeling upset. We have also been talking about recognising emotions and how to express ourselves. We also watched a clip from Inside Out where we had to match the emotions with the pictures.

Donaldson class have developed an obsession with snails, they have been collecting snails, feeding them, and racing them. Of course, snails have a mind of their own!! The children have been very gentle with them and returned them to their natural habitat.

Thank you to all the parents that have attended the ‘Reading Morning’ this term we will have more sessions next term.

We hope you all have a restful half term break.