Reception Highlights

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21st Feb 2022

This term we have been learning some traditional and modern tales. We learnt The 3 Little Pigs story using our story map and the children have been using their sound knowledge to write sentences. Next, we read Little Red Riding Hood and drew a map to show her journey from home to Grandma’s cottage. The children had an investigation task where they had to find materials to make a waterproof cape for Little Red Riding Hood in case she had to visit Grandma in the rain. The children sprayed water on different materials and talked about their choices. Balaj predicted that tissue paper was not going to be waterproof and it will rip when it gets wet. The children were surprised when they discovered that cotton wool was not a marshmallow. Look at our fantastic maps and pictures from our investigation.

The modern tale that we have been reading is called ‘Room on the Broom’ by Julia Donaldson (our class author). We have been retelling the story using our story shelf and the children have been making their own versions of the ‘Magnificent Broom!’ we threw some gruesome things in the cauldron; such as eyeballs, slugs, rabbit hair and worms, and made our very own spells “zaggetyy, ziggety, zopety zoom” (Anaid), Zogatty Zigaty Zig! (Jan P) Biggety boggaty boo! (Sonia) and Pickaty Pocket Pickaty Poo! (Assiyah)!

In maths, the children have been focusing on matching numerals to quantity and exploring different ways to make 9 and 10. Numicon shapes have been used to find all the different ways we can make 10. The children have also been writing their number sentences to illustrate this. We are getting very good at subitizing using the dice and our tens frame.

In PSHE, we talked about our mental health and how it is important to keep our minds healthy as well as our bodies. We read the story ‘Ruby’s Worries’ and talked about how we sometimes have a worry, but we can help ourselves by sharing our worries with a friend or an adult.

We are looking forward to our Pyjama Party as part of our wellbeing day on Friday.