Year 4 Highlights

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11th Feb 2022

Year 4 have been hands on with all their learning this term. We have particularly enjoyed our wider curriculum that covered Spanish, DT and Art. I have seen perseverance and commitment during lesson times. Keep up the great work Year 4!

In Maths, we have been learning about fractions. Converting improper fractions to mixed numbers and writing fractions as decimals. We found it tricky in the beginning, but Year 4 was very pleased with themselves after just a week of giving them a go! We have also enjoyed all the display challenges for our fraction work that gained us a load of house points!

Please continue to practice your times tables on Remember that our times tables quizzes are on Fridays.

We have been looking at description text and balanced argument texts this term. These texts have brought a lot of discussion about who had the best description of their haunted house and who made the best argument about whether ‘children should wear school uniforms’. We looked at key features like rhetorical questions, fronted adverbials, and comparative and contrastive conjunctions to help us write good quality balanced arguments.

‘Animals in their habitat’ was our focus topic for science this term. Looking at different animals and grouping them according to their characteristics. This sparked up some great investigation on a wider species group which helped build our world knowledge about the animal kingdom. We investigated vertebrates and invertebrates and finding animals with and without backbones. This was fun! We then looked at classification keys that helped us to identify different animals and types of British plants. Year 4 enjoyed working in groups creating their own classification keys and passing it around class for children to identify their mystery animal.

Vivienne Westwood has inspired us to become great fashion designers this term. We looked closely at types of stitching, tones and textures. We found that the world of fashion is vast and forever evolving. We were able to explore our own creativity in designing our own clothes, deciding what colour would suite better, thinking about tones and types of materials. We continue to think what types of skills would be necessary to sew our designs. In our most recent art lesson, we used our practical skills to create our own sewing designs using needles and thread. Watch out Ranikhet! Designers in the making!

Building our electrical circuits to make our buzzer games has created great excitement in class. We started by looking at all the elements needed for our electric circuit and understand how each of the components work and how electric current will flow through each of these elements. We then took our first steps by creating our buzzer games using wire and cardboard, we manipulated the wire to make our designs. Our final steps were to put the electrical circuit together. Year 4 displayed great teamwork and patience and the results showed this.

Learning Spanish this term also meant lots of giggles and tongue twisters! We had to practice good memory skills and concentration remembering our Spanish words and phrases! Our unit was ‘La Familia’ which means ‘The Family’. We have learnt how to pronounce our family members in Spanish as well going around in class asking questions like “Tienes un hermano?” or “Tienes una hermana?” (asking if you have a brother or a sister). Year 4 made great posters to show their learning in Spanish. “Bien hecho año 4!”

Have a fabulous half term Year 4.