Me and My World in Reception

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26th Oct 2021

The children have made a fabulous start to their first term in school and have settled in very well. Our topic this term is ‘Me and My World’.

We have enjoyed making self-portraits and talking about ourselves.  We have been learning about the type of house we live in and what is my locality. We even tried to make our own maps.

In literacy, we have focused on stories about families and home. The children have been listening carefully and have been retelling the story using story maps. We have been developing our vocabulary and exploring meanings of new words, such as relieved, excited and exhausted.

In maths, we have been learning to match, sort and compare amounts. This week we have been comparing and ordering towers from tallest to shortest? It was interesting to find out who was the tallest in our groups.

In PSED, we have been talking about what makes us happy and how we can use kind hands in school. We have been using our special sky light to help us relax and unwind after lunch and at the end of the day.