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Louisa SangheraA very warm welcome to Ranikhet Academy. Our school belongs to the staff, the children and the community. We have an inclusive culture where we celebrate our diverse community. We have 3 school rules – Be Ready, Be Respectful and Be Safe. All our children, staff and families follow these 3 rules so that we have an inclusive learning environment where we all feel Proud to Belong.

Our school sits in the heart of a community. We warmly welcome visits from members of our local community to build relationships, support local causes and encourage our children to have high aspirations. Parent and pupil voice is incredibly important to us and feedback we get from children, parents and community directly influences our practice.

Our children experience a rich curriculum with excellent teaching and learning. Classrooms are inclusive and we have high expectations of all children. We plan the curriculum that our children need which includes key learning experiences and collaborative projects inside and outside the classroom.

I feel incredibly passionate about doing my best for Ranikhet Academy and supporting the children, their families and the staff. It is a privilege to work with such a wonderful group of people.

I look forward to a very successful academic year.

Louisa Sanghera