Highlights from Year 5

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1st Nov 2021

It has been a packed half term for Walliams Class, but they have settled in brilliantly and as their new teacher I am really enjoying getting to know the class, the school and with the support of the children and yourselves, I am extremely excited about the year ahead. We started the term with a visit from the staff at Ufton Court and we participated in lots of fun activities that got us working together as a team and thinking about others, this led to a whole day at Ufton Court which was fantastic as the surroundings really make for a great adventure. All the children were successful, and this was a real bonus for me and the children to really get to know each other in another setting.

We have been looking at securing our understanding of larger numbers, up to one million! As well as understanding the value of digits and solving problems through explanations and calculations. With English, we researched who our class is named after David Walliams and the children completed some great biographies about his life. I was really impressed with the standard of writing and presentation. In the other subjects we have learnt about day and night, how the Earth moves instead of thinking the Sun moves, the fascinating countries of South America and how different they are in both climate and terrain. On World Animal Day, I was impressed with all the costumes that the children came dressed in and the lovely Acrostic Poems that they wrote with a word picture to create an elephant. We watched a video about how we could save the elephants and the children created some colourful posters. In PSHE, we have talked about being unique and that it is okay to be different or want to change, the children shared some fantastic opinions and ideas and showed a great maturity.

Overall, this half term, it has been a learning curve for myself and the class as they didn’t initially get to meet me, but they are working so hard and following the Ranikhet Values that I am proud of what they have achieved and the support you have given.

Please do not hesitate in speaking to me about anything, I am available in the morning and afternoon as the children arrive and leave.

Looking forward to Next Term and all the wonderful learning we are going to do together to be the Best Version of Ourselves!