Highlights from Year 3

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14th Dec 2021

Year 3 had another great term. They have all embraced new challenges and worked so hard over the past 7 weeks. Well done Year 3 and keep it up!

In our core subjects, everyone has been working incredibly hard and have produced some great work. In writing, they have explored letter writing, focusing on their purpose and layout. We then used this knowledge and wrote thank you cards to Alan the street cleaner. Alan was thrilled by our kind gesture and thoroughly enjoyed reading all the letters. And in maths, they have been focusing on 3D shapes, as well as sorting shapes by their properties, we have also had a go at building them with straws and playdoh.

In science, the children have been learning about animals including humans. They have learned about what a human body needs to stay healthy, the five main food groups and how this differs between humans and other animals. They have all thoroughly enjoyed this topic.

In history, the children have been comparing what life was like in the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages, compared to today. We had a go at being archaeologists to understand how we can learn about the past from artefacts. We also had a go at cave painting, making tipis and baking cookies using ingredients that would have been available in the Bronze Age. It was really interesting to learn about how the way people lived in Britain changed over time.

We have also helped to raise money for several different charities this term including The Poppy Appeal, Children in Need and Save the Children. Thank you for all your generous donations!

Thank you to all Year 3 families for your continued support this year.