Year 3 Highlights

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14th Feb 2022

This half term in Maths, the children have been practicing new methods to calculate numbers up to 1000.

We have learnt how to use column addition and subtraction to solve large number problems and recognize how, by calculating using the inverse, we can find the answer much more quickly in some instances.

In Reading and Writing, we have explored the text 'Sam Wu is Not Afraid of Space'. There has been some fabulous vocabulary to discuss, and it has been an inspirational text to get us thinking about what it would be like to go up in a rocket.

In Geography, we have been looking into where our food comes from. The children have learnt about different biomes around the world and how these conditions can lend themselves to producing abundant seasonal crops. We looked into the environmental impact of different types of food production and how farmers are trying to work more sustainably.

This has fed into our persuasive writing unit where the children have developed their ability to address their writing to the audience and encourage people to grow their own food.

The children have learnt how to incorporate powerful statements and write persuasively with a range of subordinate conjunctions, relative clauses and fronted adverbials.

The children have been developing their Spanish vocabulary to be able to talk about what they enjoy doing.

This half term’s Science topic has been plants. The children have learnt to identify the different parts of plants and how each part is fundamental in ensuring the growth, survival and reproduction of the species. By looking more closely at the different features of plants, the children have been able to classify different examples and understand how the flowers are pollinated by bees to reproduce.