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Senior Leadership Team

Louisa SangheraMiss Louisa Sanghera


Designated Safeguarding Lead

Ben New   WebsiteMr Ben Thomas

Assistant Head, Pastoral Curriculum

Personal Development, Behaviour and Attitudes, and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Becky New

Miss Becky Birchenough

Acting Assistant Head

Curriculum Development, Teaching and Learning, and Assessment

Administration & Operations Team

Brenda Vockings   School Business ManagerMrs Brenda Vockings

Business Manager


Laura Killick   Lunchtime Controller

Mrs Laura Killick



James Wye

Mr James Wye

Administration Officer


Bridget New 1Mrs Bridget Graham

Nursery Teacher (Elmer/Spot)

Science Lead


Miss Nicola Gunn

Reception Teacher (Donaldson)


Saliha Akram   EYFS Lead teacher

Mrs Saliha Akram

Reception Teacher (Donaldson)

EYFS and Geography Lead

Laura Callaway   Year 1 teacher

Miss Laura Callaway

Year 1 Teacher (Rosen)

Music Lead

Rebecca New

Miss Becky Hoke

Year 2 Teacher (Jeffers), KS1 Lead and Phonics Lead


Shannon New 1

Mrs Shannon Davies

Year 3 Teacher (Dahl) Mon-Weds

Design and Technology Lead

Quin New 3

Mrs Quin Stark

Year 4 Teacher (Morpurgo)

Art and Design Lead

Clare   Cropped

Mrs Clare Beauchamp

Year 5 Teacher (Walliams)


Becky New

Miss Becky Birchenough

Year 6 Teacher (Shakespeare)

KS2, English & Maths Lead

PE Team

Harry Stiff

Mr Harry Stiff


Inclusion Team

Miss E YoungMs Emma Young



Connie Bernardi Edited WebsiteMrs Connie Bernardi

Family Worker

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Sarah New

Miss Sarah Heneghan

SEN Support

Safeguarding Team

Louisa SangheraMiss Louisa Sanghera

Designated Safeguarding Lead


Ben New   Website

Mr Ben Thomas

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead


Connie Bernardi Edited WebsiteMs Connie Bernardi

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Learning Support

Neeti Mathur   Learning Support Assistant   NurseryMrs Neeti Mathur

EYFS Practitioner


Sam New 1

Mrs Sam Miles

EYFS Practitioner


Lisa C New

Ms Lisa Shepherd

EYFS Practitioner


Shazia New

Mrs Shazia Tahir



Jenny B New

Mrs Jenny Barnett



Jena New 1

Miss Jena Barnett



Jane Gardener   Breakfast Club Supervisor & HLTA KS2

Miss Jane Gardener



Alison Coggs   Learning Support Assistant KS2

Mrs A Coggs


Lunchtime Controllers

Pam Matson   Lunchtime ControllerMrs Pam Matson



Jenny B New

Mrs Jenny Barnett

Latest Tweets

Free summer activities at Dee Park with Reading Rockets Basketball and https://t.co/0Ea3ZCV97h
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Dee Caf Community Cafe
- August 4
Check out the free activities for children on free school meals in and around More activities on our insta https://t.co/lypvrOvo81 https://t.co/y7JouQu0CA
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Dee Caf Community Cafe
- July 20
We hope you enjoy our final edition of the Ranikhet Review for this academic year! https://t.co/pSGD82O5Zu
@RanikhetAcademy - July 20
Wishing all our families and pupils a fabulous summer break! Thank you for all your hard work this year- see you on September 6th, when we expect 100% attendance from all of our pupils!
@RanikhetAcademy - July 20
It was a pleasure. I had the best bunch of kids working on the Yearbook. They did a fantastic job. Xx
@RanikhetAcademy - July 20
The Y6 leaver’s books are here and they are 👌🏻 Thank you to Mrs Graham for organising these incredible mementos for our oldest pupils. https://t.co/nrP0dYGGbr
@RanikhetAcademy - July 19
If your baby was born just before or during , when many missed out on key services & playtime, you can now access free support sessions to help your child catch up on their development, to help them be nursery ready. Find out more: ⭐️ https://t.co/H9IOhKLL4i https://t.co/kXnNXf0fgk
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Brighter Futures for Children
- July 17
Year 6 Leavers Party 🎉 Class of 2022 🎓 Thank you for the kind donations of food and cakes from our Ranikhet families and https://t.co/y8LzXmKFr1
@RanikhetAcademy - July 15
Graduation 2022! We have been very blessed in Reception to watch our children grow in confidence and totally WOW us with their inspiring and inquisitive minds. We wish you all the best for year 1. https://t.co/lRLKjY0VlM
@RanikhetAcademy - July 14
Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed their trip to https://t.co/eGtHOpiSFv
@RanikhetAcademy - July 13
With the continued rising cost of living, many families are feeling squeezed. The Reading Family Information Service has details of food support charities if you need a bit of extra help this summer. ⭐️ https://t.co/XTEgirowpu https://t.co/MWzm0NZr6R
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Brighter Futures for Children
- July 9
If you live in Reading & your child receives pupil premium free school meals, you will receive a £49 voucher to help with household bills. Your child/ren can also attend holiday activities for free through the HAF scheme, co-ordinated by BFfC. ➡️ https://t.co/HTRxkhII2O https://t.co/tEpNtWGtVM
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Brighter Futures for Children
- July 8
We have had a great week learning about The Three Billy Goat Gruff story, we have designed and built bridges that the goat could stand on, we made trolls out of playdough and today we made edible goats! https://t.co/xTeqARfSNA
@RanikhetAcademy - July 8
For those of you interested in Physics! https://t.co/IgvzxU8PPk
@RanikhetAcademy - July 5
Happy Higgsiversary! On this day in 2012, researchers announced the discovery of the . What questions do we still have about this fascinating particle? https://t.co/uTwBoKbfA3 https://t.co/TH3IITByMk
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- July 5
Another successful Reception trip to Prospect Park Trains. We all enjoyed countless trips on the trains followed by lunch and a game of ‘Drip, drip, drop.’ Needless to say we all had the best day! https://t.co/2ZKB8gc9CU
@RanikhetAcademy - July 5
Thanks to all the families who joined us in Nursery today. We loved having you in to share in our Graduation Day. https://t.co/nmgFgNrjho
@RanikhetAcademy - July 4
Have an intentionally happy July, with help from the calendar, featuring a tip everyday to increase your wellbeing. https://t.co/8m72ne7bB0
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Brighter Futures for Children
- July 3
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Yellow Rose Yoga
- July 2
Thank you for a knowledgable P.E Inclusion & You training day. https://t.co/uJk1mDgUrC
@RanikhetAcademy - July 1
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