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    Welcome to Emerald Class!

    Hello everyone!

    Welcome to our new class page. On it you will find out how much we really enjoy learning. There are lots of big smiles in our class so we hope you have fun browsing through the photos. We have all noticed that Emerald Class just love a challenge.


    Fluffy wants to thank you for all his adventures. You have all looked after him fantastically well! He has been to the dentist this week and had a bit of a wash! 


    Look out for Fluffy in our photos... Fluffy gets everywhere.


    We all want to send a big thank you for helping to make International Day absolutely scrumptious... you are very generous.





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  • Hello again! It's Term 4

    We hope that you are enjoying looking at how much we are learning. Emerald class just loves to share our learning. 


    Did you know the best way to learn is to teach others? Get your child to teach you how we do adding.... subtraction... explain how a square is different than a rectangle. Ask about red words and green words...


    Also can you let us know if you are visiting our website. It will be a great incentive for us to put on more information. If you are... can you pass it on to other parents whilst you are waiting to pick up your child. Please talk about what you see on these pages... Sharing creates a good community!

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  • It's Term 5

    We have a fabulous term planned for you... and us! Our theme will be The Victorians. We will be learning about Florence Nightingale so the whole of KS1 will be become a busy doctor's surgery.


    Outside will become a beautiful growing area that any Victorian would be proud of! This will inspire our learning in Maths, Science, English and Design. With this in mind we wonder if there are any budding or established gardeners who could give us a hand.... 

    • time
    • plants to take cuttings
    • seeds
    • compost
    • tools...

    we would be so grateful!


    Don't forget our Great Reading Challenge this term. Included are the RWInc home reading books, guided reading books, library books... everything... 


    Record it all in your child's reading log! The number of books your child reads will be recorded and counted.

    At the end of term they will be presented with a certificate  depending on how many they averaged a week. So get reading it all counts!



    up to 3 books each week - bronze

    4 5 6 books each week - silver

    7 8 9 books each week - gold




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  • Welcome to term 6!!!



    It is time to start term 6-the last one this year. We are very excited about our theme ''Paws,claws and whiskers''.

    We are going to find a lot about different animals, habitats,camouflage and how to be a zookeeper :)

    Each day we send home magic golden box with mysterious creature inside-be careful do not let it escape :)