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Tuesday 29th November Group 3

Group 3 have had a wonderful icy week exploring the woods at Louse Hill Copse.


When we first got to the woods the children met a lady called Teresa, she had a clever way to remember her name she pretended to be a tree and she got us all to say Tree - Teresa.

The children listened really carefully to Teresa whilst she talked to them about the rules in the woods and what they needed to do. The children met a special friend of Teresa's who helps her to remember the way to the outdoor classroom. Can you remember what Teresa's special friend is called? It was Bizzy Lizzy. Bizzy Lizzy told the children that there were some signs that they need to look out for!

Can you remember what the signs said?




Picture 1
Picture 2

Thats right Be Careful!

Thats right Be Careful! 1
When Bizzy Lizzy had shown us the way to the classroom, she told the children that the animals of the woods had hidden something for the children to find. After looking around, the children found a scroll in a tree, Kaiden described it as "the ropey tree".

Can you spot the letter in the tree?

Can you spot the letter in the tree? 1

6 Golden leaves.

6 Golden leaves. 1
6 Golden leaves. 2

Once we had talked about the 'golden leaf rules' the children went for an Autumn treasure hunt. They needed to find 6 different items. Can you remember the different items you needed to find?


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
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Picture 6