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Sapphire - Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!

Sapphire Class of 2017/18

Hello – Welcome back to school life and welcome to becoming a Year 6 parent, perhaps for the second or third time!

We are looking forward to another full-steam-ahead year and I know that the children are ‘buzzing’ for Year 6 and all that that involves. They have started really well and seem really keen to make a good impression and to have a really good, final year at Ranikhet Academy. We very much look forward to spending time with them as the year goes on…

We have already got stuck onto reading Holes which I know the children are really enjoying. We have an amazing display of work already and have brought the main character Stanley Yelnats to life!


I know it seems a little early to be mentioning it, but your child’s secondary school application must be submitted by 31st October. You will have received a letter about the process – it’s all online now and very simple to complete. You now have the not so straightforward job of actually making the decision as to where you will send them when they leave us.


Finally and as always, I am always on hand if you have any queries, concerns…or you just fancy a chat sometime. Please don’t hesitate to contact us, however small you may consider your concern. See you soon


Mrs Berry



Helping at home


Helping to support your child's learning at home is really important.

This doesn't mean just supporting them with homelearning but also providing a quiet and calm space to work effectively.

This year a chance to relax and enjoy the weekend is just as important as completing homelearning tasks.



PE will be on a Wednesday morning and a Thursday afternoon with the PE team.

Please bring your PE Kit in on a Monday and then take the kit home to wash after school on the Friday. It is essential that all children have the correct PE kit.





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