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EYFS Vision & Values

In Nursery and Reception we develop a community of learners who support and encourage each other. Our children develop confidence, independence and responsibility. We teach our children to be well mannered and respectful of ourselves, our belongings and each other’s differences. Our children work in an environment which is developmentally appropriate and one that meets the needs of all our children. We believe children should learn through hands on experiences, on and off site, observations and to develop a sense of curiosity about the world around them. We encourage our children to make links in their learning and to take risks in a safe way.


In Reception we provide a broad and enriching curriculum. We work on a topic each term and this incorporates our Literacy focuses too. Letters and Sounds is the phonics curriculum we are following. You will be aware of the sounds your child is learning through their homework.

Over the coming year we will be continuing to support, encourage and promote the children’s emotional development and improve their independence and self-awareness as well as continuing to improve their reading, writing and mathematical ability.

Here are some things you can do that will support your child in school for the coming year:-

  • Ensure the correct school uniform is worn and LABELLED.
  • Ensure the correct PE kit is in school
  • Support homework as appropriate and have it returned on time.
  • Read with your child at least 3 times a week and sign the reading record 3 times.

Routines & Notices

Coral Class – Monday

Garnet Class – Wednesday

Children should come to school in their PE kits on these days and bring their school uniform with them ready to change into.

Reading Records

Children should be bring their reading records to school every day. We would like to see parent/carer comments in the children’s reading records three times a week.

At first the children may not be able to read the books and the focus will be on parents/ carers reading to the children and discussing the story and what is in the picture. As the children start to learn their sounds they will be able to read single words and before long whole sentences.

Reading books will be changed on a weekly basis. It is really important that the reading folders are placed into the correct reading box each morning so that the books can be read at school.

Registration & Dismissal

It is expected that all children arrive between 8:45am – 8:50am and that they line up with their class. Please say goodbye to your child at the cloakroom door.

Your child’s class will be dismissed at 3:15. Please allow plenty of space around the door and teacher when collecting your child.

If your child is being collected by another family member or friend please let the office and your child’s teacher know.

Encouraging Writing

First steps:

Talking is the basis of writing. Encourage them to share their thoughts, feelings and experiences through talking then writing.

Role model:

Let them see you write for different purposes both formal and informal. Involve children in daily activities which need written communication.

Good habits:

Encourage frequent writing for real opportunities such as:

· Thank you letters

· Letters to relations, friends and pen-pals

· Diaries

· Holiday memories

· Postcards

· Pictures annotations

Room to write:

Let them choose a place of their own to write. A well lit table or favourite cushion or chair. Somewhere they feel relaxed.

The right gift:

Give and encourage others to give them gifts associated with writing.

· Pens and pencils of different colours

· Stationary

· A scrap book or diary

· A dictionary—age appropriate if necessary

· Thesaurus

· Any word processing programme

Publish their work:

Display on walls and doors for other people to read. Paste their writing on coloured paper and show pride in it—they will take more care in the presentation if they know other people will be reading it. Ask children to illustrate any stories and staple a cover to it. (a real book!)

Encouraging Reading

First Steps:

Talk, talk, talk! Reading is not just about the words that can be read but also the meaning behind the words/ pictures. Look at pictures with your child and discuss what is happening, make up stories and say what might happen next.

Role Model:

Let them see you read for fun as well as for necessity. Involve children in daily activities which need to be read. Read different signs and labels to the children, read packet labels, newspaper articles etc.

Good Habits:

Encourage frequent reading for real opportunities such as:

· letters

· food packets

· signs out and about

· newspaper

· Postcards

· magazines

Reading Routine:

It’s very important to have a reading routine with your child. Have a set time to sit down and read your child’s reading book with them. Share lots of stories with your child, reading a bedtime story can help to settle your children before bed.

The Right Gift:

Give and encourage others to give them gifts associated with reading.

· story books

· puppets

· story figures

·electronics stories

· games linked to stories




Look at some of the things last year's reception classes got up to!no

Today, we made chocolate chip ice cream! 

We used the following ingredients:

Milk, vanilla essence, sugar and chocolate chips. In a bag, we put ice cubes and salt. The ice cube bag then went into the big bag and we had to really shake it for ten minutes. We noticed the milk had started to freeze. 

We have a busy term planned ahead. Our new topic is ‘Will you read me a story?’

This week we have been exploring a story you might well know… called…

This week we have made tickets for Ranikhet's very own cinema experience.

The children have enjoyed exploring lots of chilly items and looking at similarities and differences between ice and water.

Can you spot the longest line of beads?

Just like Elsa, there has been different items frozen into water. How can we get them out of there?

Can you think of any words to describe ice and objects that are frozen?

We will be focussing on the following traditional tales:


- The Gruffalo’s child

- Cinderella

- Hansel and Gretel

STOP crime scene!

STOP crime scene! 1
STOP crime scene! 2
We have been learning about the story of 'The Gingerbread man' and have our very own gingerbread man at reception called Jim. However, he is a very mischievous gingerbread man and plays around at night so we have to write about him or complete the challenges he leaves us. We split into groups and had to hunt for clues inside and outside to find where he was hiding. 

Here's some of our activities...

Here's some of our activities... 1
Here's some of our activities... 2
Here's some of our activities... 3
Here's some of our activities... 4
Here's some of our activities... 5
Here's some of our activities... 6

Welcome Back.

We hope you have had a lovely half term.

In reception we have lots of different and exciting things to look forward to this term. Here is a little bit about what we will be doing:

 Our topic this term is 'Why do Squirrels hide there nuts?'

This is all about investigation into hibernation, migration and autumn foods, including seasonal celebrations and performances!



We will be starting the term by looking at Diwali- festival of light. We will be creating Diva lamps, exploring Rangoli patterns in rice and chalk and experiencing some Indian sweets. Can you make a Rangoli pattern?


We will also be learning about: 

Fire and fire safety in preparation of Guy Fawkes night.

We will be preparing and cooking soup and gingerbread!

Stay tuned into find out more!








Wow Autumn’s first term was super busy!

The children have been learning lots of exciting new things.

Please see blow a snap shot of what we have been doing and learning about.

Pumpkin Surprise.

The children really enjoyed exploring the pumpkins!

First, they pulled out all the seeds and pulp and squished it through their fingers.

Next, the children used spoons to scoop out the flesh, we explored how it felt different and discussed the texture. The children decided that they would like to do some baking so we found a recipe and weighed the ingredients. 

The pumpkin biscuits had mixed reviews from the children, one child liked them so much they took the recipe home.


Do you do any baking with your family at home? We would love to see pictures.


Pumpkins! 1
Pumpkins! 2
Pumpkins! 3
Pumpkins! 4
Pumpkins! 5
Pumpkins! 6
Pumpkins! 7

The Children dressed up as characters from Alice in Wonderland. We had a tea party lunch, listened to the story after lunch and then played some party games. Can you guess which character some of us are?

The Children dressed up as characters from Alice in Wonderland. We had a tea party lunch, listened to the story after lunch and then played some party games. Can you guess which character some of us are? 1
The Children dressed up as characters from Alice in Wonderland. We had a tea party lunch, listened to the story after lunch and then played some party games. Can you guess which character some of us are? 2
This term we have been learning about Space. 
We listened to the story Whatever Next, we have pretended to go to space and explore all the different planet that are around. 
The children told us the information that they knew.
Did you know one of the planets is called Jupiter. 
Did you know that star are a galaxy!
We got to fly in our own rocket to the moon, where we had a phonic picnic. All the food we had we had to see if we could hear the first sound and tell the teachers.

Finally we where sent some food all the way from Space! We all got to have a taste. Its was a little bit strange as it was ice cream but it didn't go all runny! We learnt that this was because it was freeze dried so it would last longer in space.

Our Space Rockets!

Our Space Rockets! 1
Our Space Rockets! 2
Our Space Rockets! 3
Our Space Rockets! 4

Our Phonic's Picnic.

Our Phonic's Picnic. 1
Our Phonic's Picnic. 2
Our Phonic's Picnic. 3
Our Phonic's Picnic. 4
Our Phonic's Picnic. 5
Our Phonic's Picnic. 6

Our new topic is Owl Babies.

We will be doing lots of exciting things learning all about the different types of Owls, how they fly what they might eat as well as making our own owls. We are even going to have some Owls come and visit us!

Make sure you keep checking back to see the amazing things we have been doing.

Welcome to Ranikhet Academy Reception Class'


It has been a very busy two weeks in Reception. The children have settled really well into Reception and have been enjoying making lots of new friendships and exploring all the different areas.


Come and have a looked at some of the exciting things we have been exploring.



The Mud Kitchen

The Mud Kitchen 1
The Mud Kitchen 2
The Mud Kitchen 3

The children have loved being able to dig the ground and use their imagination to cook up a storm.We have had Soup, chocolate cake. 


Making friends and enjoying the sunshine.

Making friends and enjoying the sunshine. 1
Making friends and enjoying the sunshine. 2
Making friends and enjoying the sunshine. 3
Making friends and enjoying the sunshine. 4
Making friends and enjoying the sunshine. 5
Making friends and enjoying the sunshine. 6
Making friends and enjoying the sunshine. 7

Inside has been just as much fun!

Inside has been just as much fun! 1
Inside has been just as much fun! 2
Inside has been just as much fun! 3

Our new topic is 'Who lives in the sea?'


To kick off our topic we had a beach party! We had paddling pools filled with water of different temperature that we could sit and paddle in as well as water trays for fishing. We had sand pits for digging and making sand castles. We made patterns in the sand and felt the sand with our feet. We played beach volleyball and had ice creams! It was so much fun!!


It is so refreshing to put your feet in the water at the beach!


It is great exercise to play volleyball at the beach.

Playing with the boats in the water.



Look at our sand castles.



Making patterns.

It feels funny.

Ice cream time!!



Delicious with strawberry sauce.

Miss Miles, Mrs Akram and Mra Ciocchini helped make our ice creams and put sauce on them!

Munch munch!

So good with chocolate sauce!






Summer Term 1

This term we started learning about The Three Little Pigs story. We have read many versions of the story and chose, which version we like the best. We wrote our names on sticky labels and placed our names on the chart by the story we liked the best. 



We have been learning the story of The Three Little Pigs off by heart using a storymap. We read the story out loud following the pictures and added actions to help us remember what comes next. Can you remember the story and all the actions? Have a go at retelling the story to your family!



In our small world area we have the Three Little Pigs puppets and the wolf hand puppet to help us to pretend that we are characters in the story. This develops our communication and language skills. 



On the curiosity table we have all sorts of materials to explore and learn about. There are man-made and natural materials for us to distinguish and compare. We like the curiosity table as there is always something new to us to explore, learn and talk about. Did you knew in Holland they wore wooden shoes/clogs in the past, as they didn't have wellington boots?



We used our DT skills to design and build our own straw, stick and brick houses like in the story of The Three Little Pigs, which we have been studying. We had a go at experimenting with the different materials and looking for different techniques to bind the materials together to make them strong. We worked in our little teams to build the houses. There were some fantastic examples of team work! At the end, we tested the houses we made. The houses came face to face with the wolf's "huff and puff" /with Mrs Ciocchini's hairdryer!/. It was so much fun to see, which were the strongest houses!

Can you explain to our families what happened?









As the weather is getting better we like to spend time outside and enjoy the sunny days. We have a Garden Centre role-play area where we can use our Knowledge and Understanding the World, Communication and Language, PSED and Maths skills. We planted some flower seeds and now we are excited to wait for them to grow!



This term we learnt about halving and sharing in Maths. We halved mini pizzas and shared kitkats with our friends. 







Welcome back!

We have started an exciting new term after our Easter holiday. This term we are learning about New Life!

We have some special visitors in Reception for two weeks! We received 10 eggs in an incubator on Monday and we had the chance to see how the chicks hatched. We have been learning lots of facts about the chicks, how they grow, the life cycle of the chicks, how to look after them and care for them. 












We observed what the real incubator looks like and we made our own with junk modelling. 



We held one of the chicks! How exciting! We them in our hands very carefully. We listened the chicks cheeping and talked about how they felt and looked. "They are very soft and cute!"




On Knowledge and Understanding the World we have been learning lots of facts about the chicks. Did You know they break the egg shell with their egg tooth? Also, we cracked an egg to see closely what an egg looks like inside. 

On the curiosity table we can learn more facts about the chicks by looking at information books, pictures of life cycle of the chicks, look at closely different feathers and eggs and examine how are they similar or different. 










































































We celebrated Easter with an exciting Easter Egg hunt! We painted pictures of Easter eggs and had a role-play shop where we could pretend to buy Easter eggs. We made labels and pictures for the shop to help us learn and use our experiences from real life. 







We explored the Easter themed curiosity table. We had wooden Easter eggs with elaborate patterns to examine and to look closely.



In Reception this term we have been learning about The Three Billy Goats Gruff. We enjoyed listening to different versions of the story. 

We learnt the story by following the storymap. We learnt actions to the story to help us remember the words. 


We looked at different bridges and talked about their structures. We made bridges using junk modelling and construction materials.


We learnt facts about goats and drew pictures of goats. Did you know goats can climb up trees? We talked about what goats eat and their habitat.

On the curiosity table we had grass and a small greenhouse to explore. We made grass heads, talked about planting and how plants grow.







We made the Troll's den. Also, we wrote labels and drew pictures for our Troll's den. Look at how creative we are!









We acted out the story in the small world area using the language from the story.



Outside we had a theatre to act out the story using wooden spoon puppets. We enjoyed acting out the story!



We wrote letter to the troll. We gave advice what he could do if he wants to be the friends with the goats.


At the end of our topic we wrote our Three Billy Goats Gruff stories using the sounds we could hear in words.


We went to the park as a reward for our good behaviour and collecting up all of our warm fuzzies!









We should start thinking about what we want for our next reward now!

Welcome to Reception!

Chinese New Year!

To end term Spring 1 we have been learning about dragons and the Chinese New Year. We learnt that dragons are mythical creatures and not real. We painted dragons on the computer and made them out of toilet roll and crepe paper. Dragons are important in China and the Chinese people think they are special. We had a Chinese restaurant for our role play area and had Chinese objects and writing to look at.

We had fun playing in our Chinese restaurant




We talked about instructions in Literacy and we wrote instructions on how to trap a dragon. We put them on display because we did such a good job.




We talked about the Chinese tradition of the Wishing tree and how Chinese people believe if you write a wish on red paper and tie it to the wishing tree, your wishes will come true. We cut out our own special paper and wrote our wishes on it. We tied it to the wishing tree. Fingers crossed they will come true!


Oreshia uses scissors to carefully cut her red paper.


Danilela drew round a template before she cut out her wish.


Kian and Ollie wrote their wishes.


Abdul Haadi's wish says 'I wish I had a football'


He then tied it to the tree.


Tino put his wish on the tree as well.


This our wishing tree!


We learnt about the story of 'The Great Race'. We talked about the order in which the animals finished the race and how the years of the Chinese Zodiac were names after the first 12 animals to finish. We had a visit from Zoolab who told us the story and showed us some of the animals from the story.


We met Hunter, Bubbles, Brian, Melinda and Toothless. We got to touch or stroke the animals.








We even got to taste some Chinese food. We tried prawn crackers, rice noodle and vegetable rice. We talked about the taste and described the flavour. We liked the prawn crackers the best!







In Maths we have been using Numicon to help us to solve different maths problems. We have used it for counting, number ordering and subtraction. We have even used Numicon in our continuous provision to paint and stamp with! Of course, we still managed to fit in some Frozen themed Maths!


The Grand Finale

To celebrate the end of our Frozen unit, we had a cinema day! First, we had to get enough Warm Fuzzies for following the Diamond Rules. Then we had to make our own cinema tickets with the time of the film on, just like at Vue and Showcase! We made popcorn using a popcorn maker and talked about the ways that the corn changed. Finally, we could sit down and relax to watch the film. We sang along to every song!

Stay tuned for information about our next topic: Dragons and Chinese New Year!