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Reading School Partnership

“I like that the Reading boys help you, they always have suggestions for how to make your work better.” Nicola.


“The Reading School boys are always kind to us; they help us with our learning.” Preston.


“When they work with me they ask me questions which helps me to think more about my writing and as a result my writing has improved.” Anna.


“In Maths lessons having the Reading boys is great because they help me, especially if I have made a mistake but I am unsure of where I went wrong.” Sorrab.


Reading School have been supporting Year 6 learners at Ranikhet for over a year now. It is hard to capture the full extent of the positive impact that it is having. The boys are strong, positive male role models who are well educated, polite and eloquent which enables the Year 6 children to understand and talk more about their learning.


Through focussed 1:1 work, the Reading boys have helped develop our children’s fluency in reading, recall of key number facts as well as supporting learning and written work in English and Maths lessons.


The children are continually inspired and challenged by the boys which is evidenced through the high quality of the work they produce during their sessions. In addition, the Year 6 children’s learning behaviours have increased through seeing and working alongside older role models who are committed to their own education.

Miss Ellison