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Meet the Governors

Welcome to our Governors’ section. 


The Local Governing Board at Ranikhet Academy is made up of parents, school staff, members of the local community and REAch2 appointed governors. Governors hold the school to account, they meet each term through 'Full Governing Board ' meetings and committee meetings.

The governors have a wide range of responsibilities including:

  • Appointing teaching and support staff of the school

  • The school budget

  • Oversight of school management

  • Oversight of policies and major decisions concerning the general direction of the school

Some governors have responsibility for a specific area such as safeguarding, SEN provision or finance.


REAch2 Reading Cluster Local Governing body

Ranikhet Academy shares a governing body with Civitas Academy & The Palmer Academy as part of REAch2 Reading Cluster.

REAch2 Governance Structure & Information

To view the REAch2 Governance Structure click here.

For further information about REAch2 Governance click here.


Our Governors

Below is a list of our current governors, their positions of responsibility, terms of office, nature of business interests that could present as a conflict of interest, any connections of other interested parties.


Click here to look at minutes of governors' meetings 

To contact the Chair of Governors, Mr David Leeper, please write to:


David Leeper

Chair of Governors,

c/o The Palmer Academy

70 Northumberland Avenue,



Governor Visits

Our Governors visit the school regularly to moderate, monitor, audit and get to know the pupils.


If you are interested in joining the Local Governing Board please check the school newsletter where vacancies are advertised.