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Term 4 

You will find homework for the whole of this term in your child's orange homework book.

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In your orange Homework Book you will find...
LKS2 Homework


Each Friday your child will have a spelling test. They will have the whole of this terms spellings in their orange homework book. Phonics lessons will focus around the spelling pattern for the week. This is important as it provides strategies for them to learn how to work out a spelling rather than individual word. These are words we want to see in their writing. Learning how to spell will help your child become a confident and fluent writer so they can use their imagination and creativity.


List for Friday 2nd December...

Times Tables

Each week your will have a test, verbal or written. Help them get a great score as it will give them a boost to their mathematical confidence. They will be expected to recall theses multiplication facts quickly and accurately.


  • Saying them out loud​… if they like singing… sing them!
  • Writing them down out of order
  • Rolling a dice… eg. if you roll a 6… its 6x4… if x4 is your target table
  • Playing games online (there are a lot of different ones to choose from depending upon your child’s preferred learning style). Click on the link. If you find some others let us know and we can share!


The vocabulary can be changes where ‘times’ can be replaced with:

  • Lots of
  • Multiply
  • Multiply by
  • What is the product of?