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English - our initial focus is Oracy - talking about topics and stories and saying our sentences out loud before we begin to write them..We are working hard on letter formation and putting our writing on the lines.

We are all making progress in our reading and are finding that daily phonics practise really helps us to read and spell.

if you want to hear an explanation of how phonics helps your child visit and 

to hear how all 44 sounds are pronounced try



younger children, beginning to read and write might enjoy the games in Monster phonics



We continue to be grateful to all parents who hear their children read at least three times per week. children can change their books on a daily basis once their book has been signed by an adult.

We have covered a range of writing this term including fiction and non fiction.

The children really enjoyed writing factual pieces about both Sharks and Polar bear and are gaining confidence in using non fictions books and the internet for further research. They produced fantastic captions for the videos we watched to find further information about Polar Bears


More recently we have been enjoying poetry and have written some poems of their own.

Rhyming word games such as      have been really popular and all of the children enjoy listen to Michael Rosen - his "Chocolate cake" and "Don't breathe" remain firm favourite. Why not encourage your children to explore his website and find other poems to enjoy