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Emerald - Year 1

Welcome to Emerald Class.

My name is Mrs Potts and this is my third year teaching at Ranikhet. 


The children have settled in perfectly and are all responding well to the routines and expectations of a Year 1 class.

It was lovely to see so many familiar faces at my door as I have already taught many of your  children's older siblings.


I will be at the door to welcome the children most mornings per week and I am always on duty at the end of the day so if you have any queries you can catch me at either time. I am happy to book an appointment for more detailed discussions after school.


Look at what we have been doing!

Look at what we have been doing! 1 Busy sorting out our resources.
Look at what we have been doing! 2 We want to learn to tell the time.
Look at what we have been doing! 3 Working hard to label my astronaut picture
Look at what we have been doing! 4 Writing about our astronaut pictures.
Look at what we have been doing! 5 sorting and counting.

Daily routines.

The children are encouraged to develop their independence in our class and should enter the cloakroom on their own, hanging up their coat, and taking their water bottle into class.

From wc 18th September we will also expect the children to bring  their reading books and signed reading records on a daily basis.

We aim to offer a reading workshop  during this half term where we will talk about the reading and phonics schemes and share ideas on how to make reading fun -  so watch this space.



These lessons will usually take place on a Monday and Tuesday but we ask that you bring PE kit in on a Monday morning and leave it with us all week as we may want to fit other lessons in.

Thank you for your support in this.



Please name ALL of your children's items...

It really helps us track things down when they go missing.

I have a range of permanent marker pens available in class for marking water bottles and clothing.

Thank you.