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I was so excited to be invited along to the rehearsal for the upcoming flashmob! watch this space...

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Wednesday 12th December


What a busy day it has been in year 6, we started the day with some maths, I kept a close watch to make sure that they were all busy getting on. Then we had English I sat with a wonderful year 6 pupil who taught me how to write a character description, I can now use a expanded noun phrase!


This afternoon we did some art based on their theme, creating mexican day of the dead masks, looking at the carefully drawn patterns and intricate designs.




Picture 1 Keeping a close on maths!
Picture 2 Such care in drawing their designs.

I have been having lots of fun at school over the weekend, finding lots of jobs to keep me busy! Its a bit quite without anyone else here. Looking forward to seeing you all in the morning!


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Picture 3

Can you make an acrostic poem using the word Christmas. That means you need a line that begins with each letter in the word Christmas. Give these to Miss Fernandez on Monday and you will get some house points.

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Picture 2
Todays challenge is : Can you make a list of all the stories or films you know that are about Christmas. Take your list to Mrs Wordsworth in the morning to receive some house points, GOOD LUCK.

Some of the children wrote me sentences with tricky words in them.

Some of the children wrote me sentences with tricky words in them. 1

Tricky word challenge

Tricky word challenge 1
Tricky word challenge 2
Tricky word challenge 3
Tricky word challenge 4

I have spent the day with Reception, I gave them a Christmas tuff tray challenge.

The challenge was to have a go at writing tricky words in the sparkly glitter I was amazed how hard the children worked and the words they were able to write.

Can you make and decorate a Christmas biscuit for me? I need a pick me up after my rehearsal today. Deliver them to Mr Thomas for your house points.
I visited Year 2 today where we did lots of fun learning! In the afternoon I helped them practise for their upcoming nativity performance. We did lots of singing and dancing and I sure am worn out!
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 1

Can you crack this Christmas code? now challenge your self's to see how many words you can make from these 9 letters. present your words to the P.E staff who will check results. The winner will receive my special Christmas pencil.


I had a really good day with year 3 in Dahl class. In the morning, I helped the children with their English work, comparing and contrasting explanation texts. In the afternoon I helped with the science experiment, investigating friction.

P.E Fun

P.E Fun  1
P.E Fun  2
P.E Fun  3
P.E Fun  4
P.E Fun  5

Tuesday 4th December 2018

I spent the day with the P.E team and what a day it was; full of fun, excitement and of course lots of sweating! Thank you so much to Year 1 for showing me how to dribbling and control a football. I'm going to create my own football team now ELFS FC.

Are you ready for Christmas yet? Why don't you get busy tonight with your families and make a decoration. Bring them into school to share or hang on a tree and I will get your teachers to award you 100 house points! Have fun!

Nursery fun

Nursery fun 1 Special delivery...
Nursery fun 2 My little note
Nursery fun 3 Lots of glue and glitter!
Nursery fun 4 TADA! Ready to hang!

Monday 3rd December 2018

I spent the day in Nursery with Kieran the kindness Elf.  We delivered some pine cones and glitter and set the children a challenge to make a Christmas tree decoration.

I love the sparkles and Kieran who encourages kindness stays in Nursery throughout the Christmas period.

Breakfast Club, the best way to start your day!

Breakfast Club, the best way to start your day! 1 Mince pies for breakfast yum yum!!!!
Breakfast Club, the best way to start your day! 2 Everyone made me feel very welcome :)
Breakfast Club, the best way to start your day! 3 Too many mince pies!

Elfred is back

Today Elfred the Elf arrived and attended Breakfast Club with lots of treats. 

Keep looking throughout December to see which class Elfred visits and what adventures he gets up to.

I'm sure he will have lots of fun things for you to do each day.