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Welcome to Jade, Year 1/2!


Welcome to our fantastic new web page.

We are really excited about sharing our news with you and welcome all comments and suggestions. 

Have a look at what we have been working on in class recently....


The end of a very busy term....and looking forward to

Summer 2


What a busy term for all of us.

We have learned lots about Victorians and local history - partly through our very interesting visit to Reading Museum and Forbury Gardens. Do take a few minutes to look at our photos on the Gallery page. They show how engaged the children were.....and that it was lots of fun to!


In Science we have been tending our various plants which are now "thriving" outside [hopefully in some sunshine over half term]. Thank you to those parents who helped their children write a diary entry for the seed they took home. It was lovely to hear about their progress and I look forward to seeing the plants as they are returned to school.

We will continue to tend the plants on our return and look forward to a bumper crop which we will cook and taste!

Picture 1

In Science this term we will be looking at animals, learning to identify and classify them along with using our Geography skills to locate their natural habitats. We will be reading and writing a range of animal stories and  researching and writing factfiles.

To support this work we will be sending home a small hutch and asking the children to draw or model an imaginary creature [materials will be provided] along with completing a short information sheet. To allow each child to take a turn with this hutch I would be grateful if you could keep it for a maximum of 2 days  when it is your child's turn. 

In Maths we will be continuing work on all areas of measure

length, capacity, mass and time.

Do encourage your children to help in the kitchen with weighing and measuring ingredients and take every opportunity to draw attention to clocks both analogue and digital.

useful sights to practise these skills are included in this website 


As the warmer days are now with us I would be grateful if the children could bring a named, filled water bottle on a daily basis.

We will happily top the bottle up during the day as we encourage the children to drink water following playtime and lunchtime activities.

Please ensure children are drinking water only during the day [squash may be provided for lunchtime only]


A further reminder is for PE kits - PE lessons can be subject to change and we would prefer that kits are brought in on a Monday morning and left for the whole week.

We will be playing team games and having athletics lessons and it is essential that children have running shoes / or plimsolls available as that can not run safely in their school shoes.

Many thanks for your co-operation.

Welcome back to the Summer Term.

I hope you have all enjoyed the Easter holidays and have been out and about in the sunshine.


A very busy term ahead of us will include Maths where we will initially be revisiting shape and then fractions. We will continue with learning about time so do take every opportunity to refer to analogue [traditional] clocks around the home along with being able to identify O clock and half past [and all times to within 5 minute intervals for yr2s]. It would be useful if the children practised "counting on" to find out how long to tea time, bedtime etc. 

A good site to practise telling the time is available through Topmarks [see below for link]

Times tables practise would also be useful. Some of the childrens' favourite song based versions are listed here.


In English we will be listening to and writing Traditional Tales. Although we will be focusing on Little Red Riding Hood in class it would be good for the class to read and listen to all traditional tales. Snow White, The 3 Little Pigs and The Three Billy Goats Gruff would be of huge benefit to the children. Do speak to me if you want to borrow any of the tales for bedtime reading and you could also investigate this site.


As you can see from the gallery page we very much enjoyed our "camping" afternoon. We hope to be able to enjoy lots of outdoor learning activities this term including lots of outdoor work in Science.This term we will be looking at plants so keep a look out for signs of growth in your gardens, at the park and on your way to school. We will be learning to identify and investigate a range of plants and plan to visit the local woods at some point this term along with growing a range of vegetables at school.

PE - a reminder.....

We will be continuing with PE twice a week with at least one lesson per week taking place outdoors.

Although this will usually be on a Wednesday and Thursday there may be a need to change the days [the weather!] and we therefore ask that children keep their PE in school all week.

Please ensure that children have suitable running shoes [trainers or plimsolls are ideal] and a light sweatshirt or jacket for the cooler days.

Thank you.

Welcome back!

I hope you have all had a great half term and return well rested and ready to learn!

We have a busy half term ahead of us and our learning will include

Instructions writing in English and in Maths/ICT where we investigate positional language and algorithms [simple programming] see the links below to support this learning

In Science we will be recording daily temperatures and will continue to investigate sound and then look at light sources.

In Geography  we will be comparing the UK with Nepal so lots of opportunities for working with maps and globes along with researching using the internet.

We will continue with team games and dance in PE. We hope to work outside at least one session per week [weather permitting] . this may not always take place on a Wednesday or Thursday so please ensure your child has suitable kit  [running shoes, jogging bottoms and sweatshirt are ideal] in school at all times.


In Maths we have been working on division or "sharing out"

practise at home by asking the children to count and then share some items with family members [fruit....playing cards....sweets?]

using the key vocabulary

how many did I start with......fair share   equal   same many each?


A really good website to practise this in a fun way is 

Challenge the children to estimate the answer first! 


Next week we will be looking at fractions of shapes and of quantity.

cutting pizzas, sandwiches or cakes in half would be really useful practise.



What a lot we learned!

We were told the story of the Chinese zodiac and had a chance to hold and study a range of creatures.

The Bearded Dragon was very popular...

The snake was spectacular....and didn't feel slimy at all!

The rat was so soft to touch and could do tricks!

Have a look at the Gallery page to see how much we all enjoyed the visit.

Arts week.

We have been looking at the work of Vincent Van Gogh and have been inspired to work in his style.
We have read about his life and love listening to the song about him while looking at some of his work



. We have been reading and writing about Katie, who explores his paintings. We talked about Art galleries and loved the virtual tour of The National Gallery in London



The children have produced some fantastic work this week using a range of materials including watercolours and pastels.
Watch this space for news of the forthcoming gallery and sale!



Don McLean - Vincent ( Starry, Starry Night) With Lyrics

Don McLean's Vincent (Starry,Starry Night) Almost all images created by Vincent Van- Gogh. Song by Don McLean I in no way assume any credit for song or images.

Picture 1
  • We have enjoyed observational drawing and using pastels in the style of Van Gogh

International Day

The children wrote;

We pretended that we flew to the North. We talked about what we would take on a plane. We tried different things and foods and parents came in the afternoon.  Ma
We shopped with real food. It was so much fun. the bread was my favourite, it was good.    La
Vanessa made a hat out of ribbons. I loved her hat.  Al


The teacher checked our passports and boarding cards to let us get on the plane. We watched a video about safety.  Sh
We had lots of food to eat. It was fun. We didn't bring real money but we were counting it in 2s, 5s and 10s. We pretended to fly on a plane.  Aa
We did passports and we all went one by one onto the plane. Ju
We got to eat different country's foods. Mrs Potts was wearing different clothes.
We got to dress up yesterday and we played lots of games. it was fun. O

The food was definitely the most popular part of the day -

My pie was yummy. I didn't get to taste Nevaeh's chicken but it looked yummy too.  J
Our recent International Day was a HUGE success and the children enjoyed learning about countries and their   continents.
Many thanks indeed to the parents and carers who provided artefacts, costumes and, of course a fantastic range of food to taste. We enjoyed sharing our work with many of you at the end of the day.
Picture 1

KS1 tests 2016

A short video for parents about the new National Curriculum tests

Nina and the NeuronsUse your engineering skills to play games and help the Neurons collect stars.